Here’s What You Need to Know After Cheating On Your Spouse

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After cheating occur in her marriage, it’s a mixed feeling to question if her marriage should go on. It was certainly a place this author never thought she will find herself in. Yet, there she was. A marriage is a partnership between two people, but cheating on her spouse was a solo action that led to her feeling very alone in my marriage.

The year that followed was a year of negative change in her marriage, complete with questions, doubts, and anxiety. One positive came out of it, and that is she will never to do it again.

Here are the 6 ways cheating changed her marriage, and why she’ll never do it again.

1.Sex was … bad

2.Having that feeling of need to supplement here future because of her past

3.Becoming less confident in everything related to her marriage

4.Having that mixed feeling if her spouse has forgiven her

5.Felt undeserving … and this will affect the marriage

6.Carrying a heavy burden of always being compared BEFORE and AFTER the cheating

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