10 Absurd Reasons Why People Decided to Divorce

I went through the 10 reasons given in this article. Although some of them may sound minor and harmless in some cases, it is still a good reminder (in my view) to avoid them where possible. I mean, why risk a happy marriage if we can do something to prevent those triggering reasons, right?
You can read the article in the link below:
The 10 reasons are:
1. Too much time spent on social media
2. Not cleaning the dirty dishes
3. Ignoring texts or messages from spouse
4. Showing bad table manners
5. Washing away memorable wordings on clothing
6. Accusing  woman of deceiving man by using so many cosmetics, including fake eyelashes.
7.  Having different Political views
8. Not cleaning up
9. Still keeping a love letter to another ex- after so many years
10. Giving a silly phone nickname to the spouse.

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